The ULTRA consortium includes world-recognised experts covering a number of the most relevant RPAS stakeholders such as manufacturers, ANSPs, and research organisations. Also, the ULTRA Consortium comprises a balanced mix of organisation sizes (Large to SME) and European nationalities.

The following companies are directly involved in achieving the objectives of the ULTRA programme:

  • Indra Sistemas, Spain
  • Advanced Aviation Technology, Italy
  • AST Legal, Italy
  • Blyenburgh & Co, France
  • Boeing Research & Technology Europe, Spain
  • Cranfield Aerospace Limited, UK
  • Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, Germany
  • Honeywell International, Czech Rep.
  • Integra A/S, Denmark
  • National Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium (NLR), The Netherlands
  • Office National d’Études et de Recherches Aérospatiales (Onéra), France
  • Thales Alenia Space, France

Consortium Member Activities


Indra Sistemas, Spain (Coordinator)

Indra is a global consulting, technology, innovation and talent company. It is on the cutting edge of high value-added solutions and services for the Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Administration and Healthcare, Financial Services, Security and Defence and Telecom and Media sectors.
The company operates in more than 128 countries and has more than 42,000 employees worldwide, focusing on developing innovative solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding clients. Indra ranks second in Europe by R&D spend, investing close to €550m during the last three years.
The increasing need for remote sensing during sustained operations, has boosted the use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS). The experience of Indra in key technology fields for these systems as well as its expertise in the Air Traffic Management (ATM) domain (key for RPAS Air Traffic Insertion) has led the company to get deeply involved in the Unmanned Aviation field.
Indra has successfully led the startup of the first tactical RPAS being in service in the Spanish Army: PASI (Intelligence Autonomous “Sensorized” Platform) based on the IAI Searcher Mk III. Indra has continued providing support to the Army with the PASI system since the start of operations in Afghanistan in 2008.
The company has also undertaken the development of own RPAS: the MANTIS Light RPAS and the PELICANO rotary wing RPAS, the latter with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Industry.
Within the ATLANTE programme, funded by the Spanish CDTI, for the development of a tactical long-range RPAS, the company is in charge of the communications systems, electro-optical payload, identification (IFF) and the image exploitation software.
Indra has also been participating in a number of European-level initiatives towards the integration of RPAS into the aviation system, like MIDCAS (Mid Air Collision Avoidance System, for the European Defence Agency – EDA), and leading studies like S-UAV (ESA) and SINUE (ESA), as well as leading the ESA-EDA funded demonstration project DeSIRE.
Indra is member of the EUROCAE Council and participating in its RPAS related working groups (WG-73 and WG-93).


Advanced Aviation Technology, Italy

Advanced Aviation Technology (A2Tech) is a 100% self-financed private SME R&D Think-Tank company established in 2007 in Italy. The company is focussed on VLA (Very Light Aircraft), LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) and rotary-wing RPAS solutions for civil and aerial work applications. A2Tech will not only consider the technical requirement specification aspects of a requested solution, but put the usability, logistic, handling, fielding and customer integration proprieties of the system at the same level. The products and solutions are all based on the CANaerospace Command & Control protocol. This allows a 100% interoperability between products, also on ground-to-ground, ground-to-air, air-to-air and air-to-ground combinations. This enhances the customer’s ROI (Return on Investment) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).


AST Legal, Italy

AST is an international law firm with offices in Bologna, Milan and Rome. AST offers a comprehensive range of legal services in transport, insurance, international trade, aviation, marine, corporate and European Union law, assisting its clients both on judicial and extra-judicial matters. The firm has a highly reputable commercial practice and is widely regarded as among the leaders in the fields of transport law and international trade. Their expertise, size and structure enable AST to offer a highly personal service with a tailor-made approach. AST acts for many of the key players in the Italian and international transport industry from its offices and through a network of correspondents in Italy and abroad. The firm provides its clients a continuous update through seminars and workshops focusing on all the main developments in law and case law, thanks also to some of its partners who are also university professors. A particular competence has been developed in the last ten years in the aviation and space sectors; AST becoming the legal advisors of major Italian industries and the Italian Government and ministries. Particular studies have been dedicated to RPAS and their insertion into civil airspace, SESAR and SWIM projects for the realization of the Single European Sky, GNSS liability regime in case of accidents caused by the malfunctioning of the Galileo or EGNOS signal in space.


Blyenburgh&Co, France

Blyenburgh&Co (B &C), France is French SME whose principal activities consist of:

  • Management and day-to-day running of UVS International (, which is the most important association of RPAS industries (manufacturers & operators) in Europe.
  • Representation of this non-profit association in various committees, organizations and working groups, including: the ICAO UAS Study Group (UASSG), European Commission UAS Panel, European RPAS Steering Group, and EUROCAE WG93 on Lightweight RPAS (standing advisor);
  • Management of study contracts awarded to UVS International by national & European organizations, as well as NATO (thus permitting multiple voices to be heard by the contracting entity);
  • Instigation of numerous regulatory-related initiatives concerning civil RPAS;
  • Conducting RPAS-related market surveys;
  • Organization of UVS International’s annual RPAS conferences (Europe’s largest & world’s principal event dealing with RPAS regulatory matters);
  • Organization, or co-organization, of international RPAS-related conferences with a strong accent on regulatory matters (in co-operation/co-ordination with governmental authorities).
  • Publication and distribution of the RPAS Yearbook (RPAS: The Global Perspective), which is recognized as the world’s leading publication of its type and is posted on more than 500 governmental intranets;
  • Creation & maintenance of (the world’s largest open source RPAS related regulatory library and generic UAS information web site);
  • Creation & maintenance of world’s largest open source RPAS-related patents library).

Boeing Research&Technology Europe, Spain

Boeing Research&Technology Europe (BR&TE) is a wholly owned European subsidiary R&D centre of The Boeing Company established in 2002 in Spain. The centre is an active member of the European industry in the fields of Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Systems, contributing to establish a permanent technical footprint of Boeing in Europe, as a key player in the R&D community. BR&TE has agreements, collaborations and partnerships with leading European Stakeholders, which will contribute to enhance the overall performance, improve the quality and reduce the costs, as well as promoting a collaborative environment within the European R&D community, including European Institutions, Universities, Research Centres, Air Navigation Service Providers.


Cranfield Aerospace Limited, United Kingdom

Cranfield Aerospace Limited (CAe) is the wholly owned commercial arm of Cranfield University and, using its MoD / EASA approvals to design, build and fly airborne systems, is responsible for rapid innovation and de-risking of product solutions for solving some of the most challenging issues facing the aerospace industry today. CAe has a continually developing capability in the field of RPAS, with a proven track record in the development of innovative RPAS systems, with high levels of automation and autonomy. The company has been involved in the development and flight test of a number of RPAS concepts for UK and overseas customers, and has also been responsible for the design, manufacture, integration and flight test support of the X-48 subscale demonstrator for Boeing Research & Technology, utilizing RPAS derived technologies. More recently, CAe has been contributing, through Boeing R&T (US), to the NASA Environmentally Responsible Aviation (ERA) programme, focusing particularly on issues of RPAS insertion into US and European airspace.

Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH (DFS), Germany

The mission of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is the development and provision of Air Navigation Services in Germany. The company was formed in 1993 as a successor to the former BFS (Bundesanstalt für Flugsicherung). DFS employs a staff of 5.900 and achieved a turnover of 977 M? in 2010. DFS tasks include the provision of operational and technical air navigation services, planning and testing in the area of procedures and equipment, as well as the collection and publication of Notices to Airmen (NOTAM). In addition, DFS assumed the tasks of regional military air traffic control. As a national provider for Air Traffic Services in Germany, the DFS is actively engaged in the development of European Aviation Strategies as well as strategies and concepts for individual technical domains. DFS research and development division focuses on all areas of R &D required keeping DFS systems and procedures at the leading edge. The division has a sophisticated, state of the art ATC simulation system for the development, validation and prototyping of new systems, concepts and functions. Besides from providing expert support to various ICAO (e.g. UAS Study Group) and industry standardisation panels and working groups, the division has a strong history of participation in European projects in the 6th and 7th Framework Programmes, as well in the SESAR Programmes.

Honeywell Aerospace, Czech Republic

Honeywell Aerospace is a global company with a growing European footprint. Its Engineering organization employs scientists across the European Union and in particular in the Czech Republic, France, Germany and the UK. Working with research centres, universities and industrial partners from all over Europe, Honeywell Aerospace leads and contributes to European and national R&T projects. Significant participation in ongoing R&T projects include ESA’s project ANTARES, the EC’s projects SAFAR and REFLECT, the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking’s projects iFEST, RECOMP, CAMMI and D3COS, and the Czech Republic government’s project ENTIS and ATIS. Honeywell Aerospace is an active member of the ARTEMIS Association and the Galileo Services Association. We are also very proud to take part in the transformation of European and global ATM as a full member of the SESAR JU. Over the last decade, Honeywell successfully leveraged its technology to develop an 8kg ducted-fan RPAS (T-Hawk) that has already accumulated more than 17,000 in-service flight hours. We have also developed a number of RPAS sub-systems that include air data, embedded GNSS/INS, radar altimeter, health management, engine, engine controller, auxiliary power system and environmental systems for HALE, MALE and tactical RPAS.

Integra A/S, Denmark

Integra A/S is a consultancy company active in the field of civil and military aviation, specialised in regulatory affairs and support to regulators and ANSPs. It is developing activities in the field of RPAS, in particular in the field of innovative technologies, as well as developing a range of services for manufacturers or potential users. Integra is currently developing a technological pole at the Odense Airport (Denmark) that saw the first flight campaign in October 2010. It also developing capabilities to support manufacturers to identify and express operational and technical requirements, and is currently helping SMEs to develop market and businesses. Integra is also co-organising the InTUS Conference in Denmark dedicated to innovative technologies related to Unmanned Systems.

Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium (NLR), The Netherlands

The National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) in the Netherlands is a non-profit technological research institute performing applied aerospace research in areas such as aerospace vehicles, aircraft systems and applications, air traffic management, and related research. The activities include concept development, system technology, advanced information processing, and planning, human factors, and simulation. NLR’s national and international activities are performed by around 700 scientists and engineers working in projects that are market-orientated, independent, socially relevant, and without profit priority. By acting so, NLR can adequately respond to the need for objective scientific knowledge and technology in the field of aviation and space travel, which arises from the government, agencies, the public, and industry. Thus being the natural partner for aerospace research, NLR has extensive experience in working internationally. Research and development work is carried out on a project basis with strict financial control and aims at providing solutions to customers’ needs. NLR has a NEN ISO 9001 and AQAP 110 certificate for project engineering. NLR has extensive experience in research on RPAS technology like Detect and Avoid, and advanced sensor functions, as well as in support to (potential) buyers and users, like the Dutch MoD.

The French Aerospace Lab (Onera), France

A public, scientific and technical establishment with both industrial and commercial responsibilities, Onera (The French Aerospace Lab) reports to the French Ministry of Defence and enjoys financial independence. The expertise of Onera covers all the scientific disciplines involved in aircraft, spacecraft and missile design. Regarding Automated Air Transport Systems, Onera is deeply involved in various subsystems issues and in global system perspectives. Its current clients are the French DGAC (expertise of Industry actions to design and develop novel aircraft concepts and ATM systems), The French Ministry of Defence (expertise of the MIDCAS project), EDA (Sense and Avoid technologies study, Miniature Air Vehicle demonstration project, RPAS Air Traffic Integration) and the Commission. Onera is also a member of international working groups such as the NATO RTO « System Concepts and Integration » panel and the Eurocae WG73 on UAS. In terms of involvement in European funded projects, Onera has gained a large experience in international cooperation in European R &D programs in particular FP5, FP6 and FP7, such as in FP6 IFATS as Coordinator and FP5 USICO, CAPECON and UAVNET, as a partner. In FP6, Onera was also a partner in the INOUI project, which was fully related to RPAS integration issues. In FP7, Onera is the coordinator of the PPlane and 4DCo-GC projects, both dealing with automation of the air transport system.

Thales Alenia Space, France

A joint venture between Thales (67%) and Finmeccanica (33%), Thales Alenia Space is a key supplier of satellite and orbital infrastructure solutions. With 10 facilities in France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Germany, the company develops the very latest space and ground segment technologies for scientific, commercial, military and security applications. It is a global market leader in telecommunications, navigation, space exploration and Earth observation. TAS-F has been deeply involved in the development of safety communication systems for aeronautical communications for more than 10 years. This background covers system activities, space systems and ground systems.