The overall objectives of the ULTRA project are:

  • To provide a comprehensive set of recommendations for the incremental insertion of civil Light RPAS (those with an operating mass of up to 150 kg) in the European airspace in the short-term (i.e. within 5 years from now).
  • To provide specific recommendations for selected « Use Cases » to be explored as « quick win » business cases.
  • Highlight what needs to be done in order to unlock the full potential of the civil Light RPAS market in the long-term (i.e. 10-15 years from now).

These overall objectives are further divided into the following technical objectives in order to address the European Commission expectations for this project:

  • Analysis of the current RPAS status:
    Analyse current and past work relative to civil RPAS, including existing best practices – regulatory authorities and qualified entities (certification & operations), commercial (manufacturers & RPAS operators) and non-commercial (research, scientific, governmental non-military), and propose a starting point for Light RPAS operations in the short-term.
  • Realistic business model and short term, applications:
    Develop a business model for civil Light RPAS applications. Explore short-term, high value applications, and analyse their sustainability and level of impact on European industry and society.
  • Social acceptance and building trust with the regulators:
    Perform an in-depth analysis on how to overcome the barriers and mistrust of (Light) RPAS by the general public. Follow a step-by-step approach to build trust between the (Light) RPAS industry and the regulators.
  • Foster innovation in and support SME access to market:
    Foster the European innovation in terms of aviation automation and provide a path which facilitates access to market for European SMEs.
  • Set of Recommendations:
    Develop recommendations to support a sustainable civil Light RPAS market in the short-term and to highlight the actions needed in order to unlock the full potential of the (Light) RPAS market in the long-term.